The Best Of 2020

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2020 was a crazy year but in between lockdowns, tier systems, walking into banks with a mask on without being arrested and the entire nation randomly clapping every Thursday at 8pm, car manufacturers were releasing some even crazier cars.

We put together some of our favourites from throughout the year.


2020 saw Mercedes revamp it super hot hatch with the A45s. Giving it an extra 50hp, an all new digital interior and drift mode!

BMW released the all new M135i. Its new design took a while for us to get used to, but now I actually quite like the design. But the one thing I cannot look over is the fact they decided to ruin the two things that made the previous M135i/M140i so special… RWD and a glorious turbo 3.0 inline six.

Megane RS 300 Trophy R
The French were busy closing borders, leaving UK borders in chaos and also building the Megane RS 300 trophy R. Which set a record as the fastest FWD car around the nurburgring doing it in 7:40.1 which is similar times to the porsche 997 911 Turbo and faster than a Nissan GTR and a Porsche GT3 RS.

Near the end of the year the Volkswagen Audi group were doing there usual German antics by slightly changing there current hothatch models enough so that you’ll still want to buy the newer version over the old but not enough to reinvent the wheel, with the Audi S3 and the Golf GTi (it still counts becasue you could place a preorder in 2020).

Yaris GR
But our winner for the best hothatch of 2020 has given to the chaps over at the rising sun with the Toyota Yaris GR! It is essentially a rally car for the road and a throwback to how manufacturers used to build rally cars by building a set few almost identical to the full blown WRC car to meet homologation rules. This means for a all be it eye watering £34,000 you could have yourself a garuanteed rare future classic car. Which comes out the factory with a carbon fiber roof a permanent AWD system and 260hp! All in a package that weighs under 1300kg and was designed so your nan could go to the shops in.

Super Saloons:

Unfortunately 2020 was not a huge year for super saloons so the pickings were slim. But one that surprised us was the Polestar 2. It’s the first fill production car the Swedish company has made away from volvo and what a statement they have made. Its designed to rival the tesla model 3, however on paper is doesn’t quite match a similar spec model 3 in terms of performance and range. None the less it is still a great option for those who want to go down the electric route without going down the tesla route. We look forward to seeing what the Swedish develop over rhe coming years.

Our pick for the best super saloon of 2020 is the new C8 Audi RS6. It still keeps a similar heart to the previous model with a 4.0 V8 twin turbo, it now also comes with a mild hybrid system. We picked this as it will most likely be one of the last super saloons to come with a lumping V8 as rivals and the rest of the world move more towards electric. With rumors having it that the next C63 will be a 4 cylinder hybrid.


2020 was a big year for people looking for a car that can do everything you need in a family daily.
Although it never won we could not mention a list of SUVs that came out in 2020 and not mention the new defender. It was the first time the popular off roader had a full makeover in 33 years. It split opinions when it first came out and still does. We just feel that although it’s more capable than it’s older version it has lost its rugged Ness appeal and gone more school run queen.

Another SUV not to be sniffed at is the Aston Martin DBX, the companies first attempt at a SUV did not dissapoint with an electric active roll system to stop body roll, an active center transfer case and an electronic limited slip differential making for a capable off roader.

Seat’s more adventurous younger sibling released their first car away from Seat with the Formentor. It was the first car to have new VAG 1.4 245hp plug in hybrid which is why it is on this list, it does also come with the range topping 310hp 2.0 I4 but the hybrid engine has why it makes itself to this list. It’s makes the formentor a capable performance SUV whilst offering 31 miles of full electorc range.

Our winner this year is the Audi RSQ8. Its comes with the same engine as the C8 RS6 mentioned above making it a mild hybrid. Apart from the AWD system not much else makes it remotely an off roader, but who cares it makes 600hp! Rivaling the Lamborghini Urus whilst saving yourself £50,000 off the base price.

GT Cars:

Our wildcard is the all electric Porsche Taycan. It’s perofmance is designed to match that of Model S. However, with a price tag almost £70k more and stopping to charge more than 100 miles sooner than the P100DL it seems like Porsche still has some catching up to do. However, for a first attempt at a full electric car from the German power House it is not a bad effort.

This year saw Bentley release a more Conservative V8 version of the new continental GT. Its £10,000 cheaper than the W12, more economical, just as fast and certainly just as luxurious as the W12, making a great entry level into owning a new Bentley.

Besides how could the winner of the best GT car released in 2020 not be one from the OG of GT cars.

Let’s us know your opinions! Would you have chose anything different to us? Also what car are you looking forward to being released this year?

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