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At CG Remaps we specialize in all types of Ecu Remapping and Dyno Tuning services for your vehicle helping maximize your driving pleasure. An Ecu Remap for a petrol or diesel engine will transform and excite your driving experience and could save you money on your fuel bills.


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There are lots of limits within driving these days even your vehicles full potential is restricted at the factory. Vehicle manufacturers produce a map in the engine control unit or ecu for short that is a constant state, i.e. it works in any country with any fuel quality, at any altitude above sea level and any external temperature from snow to desert. The manufacturers must also allow leeway in the engine`s full potential for owners who do not keep to service schedules or don’t look after their engine in general. This means we are able to tune the maps/Remap the vehicle`s ecu to suit our environment and free you from these restrictions safely. You could achieve as much as 70% extra power, along with up to 15% better fuel economy with improved drive ability from our ECU Remap upgrade. Our engine carbon cleaning service can revive and restore lost performance, economy and drive ability from your vehicle while prolonging the life of vital engine parts.


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