Racing Durability Rear Diffuser V2 VW Golf 8 GTI Clubsport (2020-)

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RACING DURABILITY REAR DIFFUSER V2 VW GOLF 8 GTI CLUBSPORT (2020-)FITS ONLY : VW GOLF 8 GTI CLUBSPORT (2020-)COMPLETE SET CONTAINS:§  Maxton Racing Rear Diffuser§  Mounting kitMaxton Racing properties include:§  A more durable material; 10 mm thick ABS plastic.§  Increased impact and scratch resistance.§  New designs, providing a new unique style.§  UV protective coating.§  Temperature/weather resistant.§  Products arrive with protective film vacuum sealed to it.§  No painting required.§  Multiple finish options: 10 mm thick matte black, 10 mm thick matte black with a red core.§  If you decide to paint the product, primer must be used first.§ Parts are labelled confirming authenticity and quality of the product.This product has been TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified (TUV certify for material).

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