MMR Performance F-Series N55 Engine Sump Baffle


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It’s well documented that the N55 engine found in the M135i and M235i  is prone to oil starvation issues when pushed hard on the road and even more so when used on track.

The MMR Performance sump baffle has been extensively engineered from the ground-up to provide effective oil control, reducing surge and maintaining a more constant oil pressure; it’s the ultimate bolt-in solution available to protect your engine’s longevity.

Featuring a total of 7 one-way oil control flaps and specific baffling, the T-6061 anodised MMR sump baffle has been tested over thousands of miles of track and road use where the data we collected has proven it’s effectiveness, plus highlighted that it’s typically most susceptible without a baffle under hard braking.

Unlike other solutions available that require a plate to be welded in, the MMR solution is simply bolted into place making the addition of the baffle considerably easier and more accessible to install.

PLEASE NOTE – Does not fit M135i xdrive

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