DRW Stage 1 Custom Software – BMW F8x M2C/M3/M4 S55 Engine


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DRW Stage 1 custom software for your S55 engine.

Through years of experience and testing on S55 engines found in BMW M2C, M3 and M4, we have been able to fine tune the ECU to get great gains while maintaining reliability and safety.

Using our own software calibration,  stage 1 software is designed for cars on full stock hardware.

Gains are typically 500-520BHP and 500-540lb/ft torque depending on fuel used.

Some of the options we can offer:

Lower/Reduced mid range torque – this is sometimes used in track cars where higher mid range torque can make the car un stable

Enhanced exhaust over run/burbles

Cold start delete

Sports displays rescaled to suit new power and torque readings

“Crank hub friendly” torque delivery – this is a flat torque curve to help with the stock crank hub, having higher mid range torque can create more stress on the stock crank hub causing it too slip.

95/97/99RON tuning – We can tune your car for the fuel used, we always recommend running the highest octane you can though, more octane – more power!

How does it work:

Book in with us, we carry out checks to your car to make sure it’s in good working order and doesn’t have any issues. Data logs carried out and then tuning starts. We flash a base file to test, carry out more data logs and then carry out revisions until we and you are happy.

We can also offer this tuning via BM3 or ECUTEK. License cost is extra.

For anymore information, call or email us.

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