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Here at Vykon Tuning we provide bespoke German & European vehicle remaps + custom remap services, perfectly suited to enhance your drivers experience. Our well-renowned tuners have worked meticulously over the past 20 years on a range of cars including supercars and track cars to unleash their true performance.


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Need better performance, power, exhaust noise? We provide bespoke written Tunes in-house. These tunes are pre-developed under a strong load of testing, later on perfected to maximise power & efficiency maintaining complete safety (a long process taking from hours to weeks to even years for some car models). This is then tweaked and developed further to suit your vehicle at the time you visit us… Counting in and considering the hardware upgraded mods, mileage, car health state, leading to a custom 1 of 1 tuned file for your vehicle. We build cars giving out up to 50% more power from factory. A very big power gain due to us specialising in upgraded hardware selection, fitting + software skills in terms of the ECU, TCU, and other relevant vehicle control modules.