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DPF / EGR Delete • Rev Limiter Removal • Diagnostics

Pop and Bangs • Hardcut Limiter • Swirl Flap Delete



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Epic Remapping Is A Professional Custom Written In-House In The UK, With Information Taken From Your Individual Vehicle And Can Be Designed At Your Request To Provide More Power, Better Fuel Economy Or A Perfect Blend Of Both. We are completely mobile and come to you for no extra charge!

The Epic Remapping service unlocks the restrictions imposed by vehicle manufactures to release more power, greater response and lower fuel consumption, safely and reliably.

Our simple connection to over 70k+ vehicles allows you to modify the ‘Brain’ of a vehicle without extra hardware or engine components being altered in anyway.


Pops + Bangs

Hardcut limiter: only for diesel vehicles

DPF Delete map file: if only actual physical DPF removed from the vehicle.

EGR Delete map file: again the actual components needs to be removed before remapping file.

Lambda Delete map file:

Adblue: to turn off the adblue system

Vmax: speed limiter remove

Start/Stop Delete: stop eco mode coming into vehicles.

Hot Start Fix: VAG diesel vehicles only, fixes non-start issue when vehicles engine is hot, common issue from 2020.

Swirl Flap Delete: similar to DPF. Turn off the swirl flat motor.

OPF Delete: software delete only, removal of the OPF from exhaust, specifically for patrol engine.

Torque Monitoring Delete: removal of torque monitoring system from ECU.

BMW/VAG – Performance Gauges: update the performance clock, found in BMW/VAG cars.

DTC Delete: codes from ECU memory needs to be deleted.

Antilag: on some of the VAG vehicles only, launch control, hold the RPM at set level.